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コマンド 用途 サンプル
/ 動画の検索 /pink floyd
// 再生リストの検索 //80’s music
n 検索結果の次のページへ移動 n
p 検索結果の前のページへ戻る p
q プレーヤーを終了する q
album アルバム名で検索 album thriller
user ユーザ名で検索 user hikakin
userpl ユーザ名の再生リストを検索 userpl hikakin
pl Youtubeの再生リストURLかIDを開く pl PLG-zL..Rr1g
url URLかIDで特定の動画を開く url k9CMyeAwSgs
shuffle 現在のローカルの再生リストをシャッフルする shuffle
all 現在のを全て再生する(“all”でなく”*”でも可能) all
+ 再生中の音源の音量(ボリューム)を上げる +
= 再生中の音源の音量(ボリューム)を標準0.00dBに戻す =
→カーソルキー 再生中の音源を30秒早送りする 再生中に右カーソルキーを押す
o 再生中の音源を10分早送りする o
i 再生中の音源を10分巻き戻す i
p 再生中の音源を一時停止する p
1 再生中の音源の再生速度を遅くする 1
2 再生中の音源の再生速度を早くする 2
> 再生中の音源の再生速度を2倍にする >


Basic Usage

Use / or . to prefix your search query. e.g., /pink floyd Then, when results are shown: <number(s)> - play specified items, separated by commas. e.g., 1-3,5 plays items 1, 2, 3 and 5. i <number> - view information on video <number> c <number> - view comments for video <number> d <number> - download video <number> r <number> - show videos related to video <number> u <number> - show videos uploaded by uploader of video <number> x <number> - copy item <number> url to clipboard (requires pyperclip) q, quit - exit mpsyt

Searching and Retrieving

set search_music false - search all YouTube categories. set search_music true - search only YouTube music category. /<query> or .<query> to search for videos. e.g., /daft punk //<query> or ..<query> - search for YouTube playlists. e.g., //80's music n and p - continue search to next/previous pages. p <number> - switch to page <number>. album <album title> - Search for matching tracks using album title user <username> - list YouTube uploads by <username>. user <username>/<query> - as above, but matches <query>. userpl <username> - list YouTube playlists created by <username>. pl <url or id> - Open YouTube playlist by url or id. url <url or id> - Retrieve specific YouTube video by url or id. url <url> <url> ... <url> - Retrieve specific YouTube videos by url or id. url_file <file_absolute_path> - Retrieve YouTube videos by url or id from a .txt file. File format : .txt, with one url or id by line. r <number> - show videos related to video <number>. u <number> - show videos uploaded by uploader of video <number>. c <number> - view comments for video <number>

Editing and Manipulating Results

rm <number(s)> - remove items from displayed results. sw <number>,<number> - swap two items. mv <number>,<number> - move item <number> to position <number>. save <name> - save displayed items as a local playlist. mix <number> - show YouTube mix playlist from item in results. shuffle - Shuffle the displayed results. reverse or reverse <number>-<number> - Reverse the displayed items or item range. reverse all - Reverse order of entire loaded playlist

Downloading and Playback

set show_video true - play video instead of audio. <number(s)> - play specified items, separated by commas. e.g., 1-3,5 plays items 1, 2, 3 and 5 d <number> - view downloads available for an item. da <number(s)> - download best available audio file(s). dv <number(s)> - download best available video file(s). dapl <url or id> - download YouTube playlist (audio) by url or id. dvpl <url or id> - download YouTube playlist (video) by url or id. daupl <username> - download user's YouTube playlists (audio). dvupl <username> - download user's YouTube playlists (video). dlurl <url or id> - download a YouTube video by url or video id. daurl <url or id> - download best available audio of YouTube video by url or video id. playurl <url or id> - play a YouTube video by url or id. browserplay <number> - open a specified previous search in browser. all or * - play all displayed items. repeat <number(s)> - play and repeat the specified items. shuffle <number(s)> - play specified items in random order.

Download Using A Custom Application

Use set download_command <command> to specify a custom command to use for downloading. mps-youtube will make the following substitutions: %u - url of the remote file to download %d - download directory as set in DDIR in mps-youtube config %f - filename (determined by title and filetype) %F - full file path (%d/%f) %i - youtube video id for example, to download using aria2c (, enter: set download_command aria2c --dir=%d --out=%f %u Note that using a custom download command does not support transcoding the downloaded file to another format using mps-youtube.

Encoding to MP3 and other formats

Enter encoders to view available encoding presets Enter set encoder <number> to apply an encoding preset for downloads This feature requires that ffmpeg or avconv is installed on your system and is available in the system path. The encoding presets can be modified by editing the text config file which resides at: /home/pi/.config/mps-youtube/transcode

Using Local Playlists

add <number(s)> - add items to the current playlist. add <number(s)> <playlist> - add items to the specified playlist. (<playlist> will be created if it doesn't already exist) vp - view current playlist. ls - list saved playlists. mv <old name or ID> <new name> - rename a playlist. rmp <playlist_name or ID> - delete a playlist from disk. open <name or ID> - open a saved playlist as the current playlist. play <name or ID> - play a saved playlist directly. view <name or ID> - view a playlist (current playlist left intact). save or save <name> - save the displayed items as a playlist. rm <number(s)> - remove items from displayed results. sw <number>,<number> - swap two items. mv <number>,<number> - move item <number> to position <number>.

Accessing Local History

Access songs that have been played within mpsyt history - displays a list of songs contained in history history clear - clears the song history


All mpsyt commands can be entered from the command line. For example; mpsyt dlurl <url or id> to download a YouTube video by url or id mpsyt playurl <url or id> to play a YouTube video by url or id mpsyt /mozart to search mpsyt //best songs of 2010 for a playlist search mpsyt play <playlist name or ID> to play a saved playlist mpsyt ls to list saved playlists For further automation, a series of commands can be entered separated by commas (,). E.g., mpsyt open 1, 2-4 - play items 2-4 of first saved playlist mpsyt //the doors, 1, all -a - open YouTube playlist and play audio If you need to enter an actual comma on the command line, use ,, instead.


set - view current configuration set <item> default - set an item to its default value set all default - restore default settings set checkupdate true|false - check for updates on exit set columns <columns> - select extra displayed fields in search results: (valid: views comments rating date user likes dislikes category) set ddir <download direcory> - set where downloads are saved set download_command <command> - type help dl-command for info set encoder <number> - set encoding preset for downloaded files set fullscreen true|false - output video content in full-screen mode set max_res <number> - play / download maximum video resolution height set notifier <notifier app> - call <notifier app> with each new song title set order <relevance|date|views|rating> search result ordering set user_order <<nothing>|relevance|date|views|rating> user upload list result ordering, leave blank for the same as order setting set overwrite true|false - overwrite existing files (skip if false) set player <player app> - use <player app> for playback set playerargs <args> - use specified arguments with player set search_music true|false - search only music (all categories if false) set show_mplayer_keys true|false - show keyboard help for mplayer and mpv set show_status true|false - show status messages and progress set show_video true|false - show video output (audio only if false) set window_pos <top|bottom>-<left|right> - set player window position set window_size <number>x<number> - set player window width & height set audio_format <auto|m4a|webm> - set default music audio format set api_key <key> - use a different API key for accessing the YouTube Data API

Advanced Tips

Use -w, -f or -a with your choice to override the configured setting and play items in windowed, fullscreen or audio modes. E.g., 1-4 -a When specifying columns with set columns command, append :N to set width. E.g.: set columns date views user:17 likes When using open, view or play to access a local playlist, you can enter the first few characters instead of the whole name. Use 5- to select items 5 upward and -5 to select up to item 5. This can be included with other choices. e.g., 5,3,7-,-2 You can use spaces instead of commas: 5 3 7- -2 Reversed ranges also work. eg., 5-2 dump - to show entire contents of an opened YouTube playlist. (useful for playing or saving entire playlists, use undump to undo) set player mpv or set player mplayer - change player application Use 1 and 0 in place of true and false when using the set command


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